The Funnest Music Lessons in Seattle!

Off the Wall School of Music has two missions:

Mission #1: To Teach the Best Lessons in Seattle for Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Voice and Violin

We focus on 2 things to teach the best music lessons in Seattle:

  1. Making the Lessons REALLY fun. Fun recitals, Fun songs, Fun teachers. When students have fun, they practice more and everything falls into place.
  2. A well-rounded curriculum teaches more than just reading the notes on the page. Students learn:
    • All Styles of Music: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, Ragtime, Country, Classical, Reggae etc.
    • How to improvise and read chord symbols
    • How to write music
    • How to play & sing
    • How to play with a group
    • How to be an entertainer

Mission #2: To Give Everyone In Seattle A FREE Lesson

Our excitement about music is contagious. EVERYONE should have a chance to get infected with the music bug!

There is so much happiness, excitement and positive energy that walks out of our school after a free lesson that we love providing this service to the community! It helps spread the word about our school as well!

Helping people realize MUSIC IS FUN is our way of paying it forward.



Learn more and schedule your first, free lesson today!