About Us

Experience the Funnest Music Lessons in Seattle

Our Mission

Off the Wall School of Music is focused on igniting a passion for music that will fuel the personal growth and development of our students.

Music is transformational, and the self-discipline required to learn how to play an instrument challenges our students to become the best possible versions of themselves.

By providing engaging, high quality music lessons to students of all ages and skill levels, we hope to help make the world a better place -- filled with talented, music-loving folks who appreciate the values of hard work, lifelong learning and, most importantly, fun.



As part of our mission, we have the following goals:

Off the Wall School of Music's Mission

Goal #1: To Teach the Best Lessons in Seattle for Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Voice and Violin

To teach the best music lessons in Seattle, we focus on:

  • Making Things Fun: Our teachers know how to make lessons fun -- from the songs you'll learn to how they present the material to showing your skills off in one of our super fun recitals. When learning how to play music is fun, our students practice more, and they progress more quickly toward achieving their goals.
  • Well-Rounded Curriculum:  We teach a whole lot more than just simply reading notes on a page. Our students learn:
    • A variety of music styles: bluegrass, blues, classical, country, jazz, pop, ragtime, reggae, rock and more
    • How to improvise and read chord symbols
    • How to write music
    • How to play & sing
    • How to play with a group
    • How to be an entertainer

Goal #2: Give Everyone In Seattle A FREE Lesson

Our excitement about music is so contagious -- everyone should have the chance to be infected by the music bug!


There is so much happiness, excitement and positive energy that walks out of our school after a free lesson, and we love sharing that with our community.

Helping people realize that music is fun is our way of paying it forward.

Off the Wall School of Music's History

Our History

From our humble beginnings in a Ballard apartment in 2007 to transforming an abandoned Wallingford house into a vibrant, inspiring space in 2010, we’ve always been focused on teaching music in a fun and accessible way.

We started simply, with just one teacher teaching piano, and have grown to a staff of over 15 instructors who teach piano, guitar, voice, violin, viola, ukulele, bass and drums.

In addition to providing the best contemporary private music lessons in Seattle, we offer other fun programs such as our Summer Rock Camp for kids and our Blues Jam for musicians of all ages.