About Us


Mission #1: To Teach the Best Lessons in Seattle for Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Voice and Violin.

We focus on 2 things to teach the best music lessons in Seattle:

  1. Making the Lessons REALLY fun. Fun recitals, Fun songs, Fun teachers.
    When students have fun, they practice more and everything falls into place.
  2. A well-rounded curriculum teaches more than just reading the notes on the page. Students learn:
    • All Styles of Music: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, Ragtime, Country, Classical, Reggae etc.
    • How to improvise and read chord symbols
    • How to write music
    • How to play & sing
    • How to play with a group
    • How to be an entertainer

Mission #2: To Give Everyone In Seattle A FREE Lesson.

Our excitement about music is contagious. EVERYONE should have a chance to get infected with the music bug!

There is so much happiness, excitement and positive energy that walks out of our school after a free lesson that we love providing this service to the community! It helps spread the word about our school as well!

Helping people realize MUSIC IS FUN is our way of paying it forward.

Spread the Love:

You can help! Try smiling at a stranger, holding the door open for the next person or surprising a friend with a piece of candy!

Your kindness will have a ripple effect that will bounce from one person to the next.

Or you could be like this guy and give away free hugs! FYI – He Plays Piano.


Many of our students have been with us for years; that speaks volumes about the high quality of our piano lessons.
Click the link to read students’ comments about their piano lessons: What do the students think about their Piano Lessons?!

Inspirational Building:

We've turned an old worn out building into a fun inspirational school!

We’ve turned an old worn out building into a fun inspirational school!

It takes a lot of work to turn an abandoned house into an inspirational space for music lessons. When we moved in, rocks had been thrown through the windows, graffiti covered the fence and sides of the house and the interior was in a serious state of disrepair.
With the help of our students over the last few years, we’ve been able to give this building a much needed facelift. We’ve also put a lot of work into things below the surface like soundproofing so that each room is a quiet and pleasant place to study music. We might never finish improving the building to make it a more inspirational space.

Dueling Piano Recitals:

Music is a lot of fun when it’s taught in the right way. A big part of that is allowing piano students to show off all their hard work. We host dueling piano recitals with drummers and two grand pianos to make the entire experience one that is exciting and inspirational. Students get a chance to perform all styles of music from classical, jazz, and blues to their favorite TV themes like the Simpsons or Spongebob Square Pants.

In addition to playing songs, students get a chance to participate in a traditional dueling piano show setting, with lots of contests like the ADULT VS. KIDS SHOUTING MATCH. There’s also a lot of dancing, singing & clapping. Here are some of the antics that went down at one of our first Student Dueling Piano Recitals on 4/11/2010. This was a great chance for our students to practice being entertainers, not just background music.

Mellow Recitals:

We also host more frequent smaller recitals without all the flashy lights and pressure so that students can get comfortable playing their piece in front of other people. Lately we’ve been having them at the some of the coolest venues in Seattle. Everywhere from Tula’s Jazz Club, The Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater, The Bad Monkey Bistro, and The Hard Rock Cafe.

Recitals are a great motivator. Students practice before the recital to get their piece down well, and then afterward, they are excited to practice because they already have ideas about what they want to do for the next one.

We also like to create videos for our students as soon as they finish a song. Here are a few non-recital performances:

Online Videos:

We provide more information about our online curriculum and innovative level system to ensure each student gets a well-rounded education. There is so much more to piano than just learning to read the notes on the page.

This is a video from one of our websites teaching students how to play Fur Elise… but not the same old way that EVERYBODY else learns Fur Elise:

We also record notes from lessons or make video notes so that students have something to remind them how a piece should sound if they need it.

Click here to view the OFF THE WALL youtube video page. We keep it updated with lessons and student performances.


We have the best teachers in Seattle. They are constantly training and taking classes themselves to stay on top.

Teachers bring serious musical backgrounds as well as their positive energy to each lesson to make it fun and inspirational for students.

Each customized lesson requires preparation for the students, sometimes up to 30 minutes. Students get to pick a lot of the songs they play, which requires teachers to constantly learn new material or make new handouts to help students pick up skills. Our collective of energetic teachers works together to brainstorm new teaching methods and put together a library of unique arrangements of songs and exercises.

You can read more about our teaching strategies on Wallyhood.org. Blogger Margaret took one of our free lessons and learned all about how fun music can be: Our Wallingford Local Blog Review

In short, we want students to be well-rounded performers of all styles of music – for them to be able to do more than read the notes on the page. Students that learn how music works, not just how to read it, continue on to play when they are adults … even if they’ve stopped taking lessons.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions, please email us at: office@offthewallschoolofmusic.com or call us at: 206-407-9610. We’d love to answer your questions or offer advice on buying a keyboard. You can view our email contact form here!

Policies and Payments:

Students receive a policies page at their first lesson and they are posted in the waiting room at the school. We’ve upgraded our policies a number of times since we opened to make it more beneficial to our students. Our basic philosophy is that music should compliment your life, not complicate it. We also want to work extremely hard to provide the best value music education in Seattle. High quality teachers at the most affordable prices. If you have any questions please email us!