Robot Parade!

We’ll be starting a marching band and marching in some parades this summer!!!

Come join us, it will be soooo much fun

This is a completely free event.
There is no charge to participate.
Everyone who comes to the parade gets a FREE Off the Wall T-shirt!!!


  • July 6th – Friday from 4:00pm-6:00pm – Marching Band Rehearsal & Costume Creation & BBQ
    • 4:00pm – We’ll practice marching & playing.
      • Please bring an instrument or noise maker if you can, we have a limited supply of instruments.
    • 5:00pm – We’ll be making costumes & eating food.
      • Bring capes, hats & wigs as well as cardboard supplies and old CDs for making robots.
      • We’ll supply soda & condiments. Bring your own burgers or hot dogs.
  • July 7th – Saturday @ 9:30am-12:00pm – Wallingford Kid Parade Setup
    • Set-up is on Corliss Ave. N. We’ll have copies of the parade route map posted at the school for parents and soon to be posted here on the blog.
    • Kids & Adults are welcome to march in the parade.
    • We’ll be marching to Wallingford Park by Hamilton Middle School.

To sign-up for both Friday & Saturday, please fill the form below:


Click here to enlarge the Wallingford Parade Route Map:

Here are some awesome robot rockers for inspiration:



Book Your July Recital Now!

We have some exciting news!

We’ll be doing small recitals at the school for the month of July on most Fri/Sat/Sun afternoons. We’ll add more times as the demand grows.

Just go to our online calendar and select a “RECITAL” appointment and sign-up under your usual student name and email address.



Creatively using common classroom instruments to inspire

We came across this awesome Youtube video made by Carly & The Roots & Jimmy Fallon and wanted to share! In this video they are using everyday instruments that you would find either or around your house or even in the classroom. Most of these instruments could be found for between $5.00-$50.00!: 

Some of the instruments used  in this video are the human voice, triangle, wood block, tambourine, bass drum, washboard stick, kazoo, recorder, bongos, unkulele, melodica, and even a toy xylophone.

Music is something that brings people together, lifts emotions, and pleases the soul. You don’t have to have fancy or expensive instruments, and you don’t need to stress about the fact that you don’t sound like Mozart, The Beatles, or Metallica. The whole point is to just have fun!  The more you play the more you will learn and improve.

Did you know that you could make beautiful music even from inexpensive instruments or common household objects? Have you thought about some ways you can incorporate more music into your daily life? Is there an instrument that you would love to learn to play?

We would love to encourage you to pursue your passion for music and discover all of your hidden talents! Book your free introductory lesson with us today!



Begin going to perform with Seattle Rock Orchestra Friday June 8th!

We’re very excited to hear Begin play with the Seattle Rock Orchestra this Friday June 8th at 8pm. They are performing at The Chapel Performance Space at The Good Shepherd Center.

Begin is a wonderful asset to our school. With her musical talents and fun teaching methods she brings a wealth of  experience to our school. You can learn more about her here http://bit.ly/NKSG4l

The Good Shepherd Center is known for it’s wonderful acoustics and is a valued part of historic Seattle. You can learn more about this beautiful concert space here: http://bit.ly/NKTAxK




Pearl Django played at Jazz Alley to release their new CD “Eleven”

One of our gypsy jazz guitar teachers – Ryan Hoffman – played at the famous Seattle jazz venue Jazz Alley with his group Pearl Django. The show was a big success and they sold lots of CDs and everybody was happy!

Here is some good music from Pearl Django online:

You can buy their CD here:



Spring Break Rock Band Camp!


The first week of rock band camp this year was a SMASHING SUCCESS!!!
4 Rock stars came together and formed a great band named “THE MOUSTACHE BRIGADE”

Sign-Up For Rock Band Camp Now!

What They Did At Rock Band Camp

Students at rock band camp had the opportunity to play different instruments like drums, piano, bass, guitar and sing or rap! They take short private lessons on each of the instruments and test out what they learned with the group.

Making a Music Video

In addition to learning a lot of great music, they came up with a band name and create a music video and plot for the video. Then they record the music track for their video and mash it together with the video together in an awesome quirky masterpiece!

The Plot of the Music Video:

The Moustache Brigade came together this Spring break to rescue Jimi Hendrix’s last guitar from the EVIL PANDA.





Closed January 20th for Snow… AGAIN?!

Well… we have lots of snow on the ground and getting anywhere will be a pain in the butt for students who need to drive.

If you’re lesson was canceled, all you need to do is reschedule another appointment online or wait till next week when we will hopefully have less snow.



Closed January 19th for Snow!!!

The roads are still icy so we are officially closed for a snowday on THURSDAY!

Many of our teachers are having trouble making it in.

If you don’t have a subaru or all wheel drive then its pretty tricky to drive at the moment, be safe!



Closed January 18th For Snow

There is a lot of snow on the roads at the school.
Many of our teachers are having trouble making it in.
If its bad here its even worse further outside the city – so we are officially closed for a snow day on WED.
Stay home, stay warm, practice and make lots of snow people!



Closed for MLK Day

As planned on our holiday calendar, we are closed for January 16th (MLK Day).
Enjoy the snow! If you need help rescheduling, just email us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

We are planning on being open for the rest of the week.
If we cancel lessons because of the weather, we will alert you via email and phone.
If you can not make it to your lesson this week due to weather, please call us ASAP @ 206-407-9610.

This is a picture taken in Capitol Hill this weekend. Someone has turned the Jimi Hendrix statue into a giant snowman… either that or Jack from Jack in the box has been taking music lessons!



Ryan Hoffman and Pearl Django at Jazz Alley

Ryan and Pearl Django will be performing at Jazz Alley January 3rd through Sunday. Joining them will be the fabulous jazz guitarist Martin Taylor as the band’s special guest. Martin is truly and amazing musician and it’ll be a great show so come on out and see it for yourself.

Here’s Martin and Pearl Django taping a live radio spot at KPLU’s downtown studios last year. Listen for them this year Wednesday and Thursday playing on KUOW.



Thumbtack Award for Best Piano Lessons in Washington

We just received an award from ThumbTack for being ranked #1 on thumbtack for most popular lessons in Seattle!

We’ll keep working hard to improve our facilities, learning new teaching methods and giving out the best prizes for students who practice!



Blues and Boogie Woogie Child Prodigy

Frank “Sugar Chile Robinson” really knows how to pound on that piano! His feet don’t even touch the ground..pretty adorable, but he means business! He’s so awesomely talented at such a young age!



Awesome Piano Lesson Binder!

Naomi is a very talented young piano student at Off the Wall.
She recently redecorated her binder. Here is a picture:

*This was not a paid endorsement for Piano Lessons. However, Naomi might have received some candy from Off the Wall at one point in time… ;)



Summer Campers Rock Out

We just finished up our 3rd and final session of Rock Band Camp for the summer. Students learned to play new instruments, work with an ensemble, record their music, and design a band name and album cover.

We delivered the high-quality instruction we’re known for through private coachings during the day and a high teacher to student ratio. We look forward to working with more budding rock stars next summer!

Please let us know if your child would like to be involved and we’ll be sure to send you more information in the spring.




Youtube is awesome!

Amazing cello cover of the song Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson.




It’s not quite a marimba they built out in a forest, but how it makes its sound is similar. In this awesome Japanese commercial, a rolling ball plays Johann Sebastian Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.




Off the Wall’s first rock-band camp was a huge success and we’re looking forward to more this summer! Our new band, The Underwater Trees, performed songs by Green Day, Coldplay and an original tune titled “I’m a Zombie.” Their debut music video will be available for viewing soon.

We delivered the high-quality instruction we’re known for through private coachings during the day and a high teacher to student ratio, and look forward to working with more budding rock stars.

Please let us know if your child would like to be involved. Camp sessions run for 1 week (M-F) from 9am to 2pm.




Click here for video!

Electrodes are often used to help people with muscle problems.  This video shows us that when placed on a person’s arm, they can move your fingers in certain ways, potentially helping you learn hand positions for stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass), or even getting the rhythm down.  Buuuut, I’m not so sure this is the best way to learn…  listen to the last thing in the video.  Haha!