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Adult Open Mic

This event is to feature adult students, however kids are more than welcome to enjoy the show. If you're an adult with kids in your band bring them along! Students will be able to hang out and jam with teachers after the final performance.


WHO: Adult students and their families

 WHERE: The Seamonster in Wallingford

 WHEN: May 20th, Sunday 6pm - 8pm

PREcital (Practice Recital)

This event will help younger students get practice with announcing themselves on the mic and performing their pieces in front of a smaller group.


WHO: Younger students (4-8 yrs old)

WHERE: Off the Wall 1240 Building Stage

WHEN: June 3rd, 2-3pm

Recital at the Hard Rock Cafe

This is one of our most fun recital events of the year. Students of all ages, instruments and abilities take the stage at Seattle's Hard Rock Cafe.


WHO: Students of all instruments, ages and skill levels

WHERE: Seattle Hard Rock Cafe

WHEN: June 17th - 11:30am Session & 1:30pm Session

Interested in an event not currently open for registration?

Fill out this google form to let us know what you're interested in, or suggest something we're not offering and we'll email you the next time that class is scheduled!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation Policy

We will offer a refund or transfer your performance fees to your account if you cancel 48 hours in advance of the event. If you have any questions regarding our cancellation or refund policies, please contact us.

Registering Multiple Students

If you'd like to sign up more than one student for a performance, please complete the registration process for each individual student.

I can't find the registration page for Rock Band Camp?

Rock Band Camp registrations are on the rock band camp page here:
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