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Programs & Events at Off the Wall School of Music

For Those About to Rock: We Salute You

Our fun, engaging programs encourage you to always learn something new + show off your skills

Off the Wall offers a variety of programs and performance opportunities for students, which further enriches your experience at the school.

Here's more detail on what we offer, when, and how to find out more information.

General Recitals

General Music Recitals | Off the Wall School of MusicWe schedule up to 4 recitals per year: One in late March, one in late May, one in late October and one in Mid-December.

Recitals are generally held at public locations, like The Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Seattle.

These fun, casual events give our students the opportunity to share all they've learned with their family and friends. They also get to meet other students, and parents can share their experiences with each other.

Students most often perform solo, but we sometimes arrange ensemble performances featuring multiple students and instructors.

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Performance Showcases

Performance Showcases | Off the Wall School of MusicThere's really nothing like performing with other musicians, and in an professional venue at that!

Performance Showcases give intermediate and advanced students the opportunity to perform with one or two professional musicians in a nightclub atmosphere.

The program includes:

  • Working with your teacher to polish 1 - 2 songs
  • Learning how to create sheet music for your song to share with other musicians
  • Rehearsing your song with other musicians to prepare yourself for the showcase
  • Performing in a professional jazz club
  • Receiving a professionally-recorded CD of your performance 

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Rock Band Camps

Rock Band Camps | Off the Wall School of MusicMeet new friends, make your own band and then rock out together!

We offer rock band camps all summer long, as well as some fun skills-based workshops during other school breaks.

Rock band campers will:

  • Vote on a band name
  • Choose new songs to learn together
  • Try out a new instrument
  • Take part in drums, synth and stage performance workshops
  • Make a band logo and rock posters
  • Record a music video with dance moves, costumes and stop motion
  • Perform at a local venue for friends and family at the end of the week

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Group Music Programs

Group Music Programs | Off the Wall School of MusicBased on student interest, we can arrange the following group classes, each of which conclude with a public performance:

  • Blues Jam - Learn the theory, skills and techniques behind taking part in a blues jam.
  • Open Mic - Prepare for and perform at one of the many family-friendly open mics around the Seattle area.
  • String Ensemble - A group of violin, viola and cello students perform a variety of fun pieces with their teacher.
  • Piano Jam - A group of piano and keyboards come together with a drummer to learn high energy songs, spanning the decades.

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Specialty Music Services

In addition to our private music lessons, rock band camp and group music programs, we offer the following services by request:

  • Practice Space Rentals for Drums and Piano
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Instrument Rentals
  • Birthday Parties
  • Garageband Recording Classes

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