Blues Jams

Join us for a fun, casual jam event on the stage at the 1240 Building. This is a fun way to learn more theory about chords, blues scales, listening to the musicians around you, and meet new friends.

We'll meet up, jam, snack, jam, snack, munch, and jam some more.

These events are free, open to ages 8 and above and all skill levels. Feeling nervous? No problem, we'll set you up with something to practice in a practice room and you join in with the next group.

If we have a wide range of abilities and ages, we'll assign everyone specific times.

Jams begin promptly at 4:00 PM and can last up to a couple of hours. Please arrive on time so we can start jamming!

There are only 15 spots available in each jam, so register now. Please let us know if you simply want to watch and see what it is all about.

Blues Jam Materials

Here's a collection of jam materials for all instruments. Check them out and let your private teacher know if you'd like to work with them to get ready for an upcoming next jam session.