Avi Kerson – Drums, Piano and Bass Teacher

Goals of the First Lesson

During the first lesson the beginner student can expect to get started off strong with fun songs and tasks that will allow them to work towards their goals.

They can also expect to get instruction on other important parts of learn music such as how to practice, music theory, improvisation, and developing their ear.

Depending on the age of the student this would differ as each individual has their own way of learning. Younger students can expect to have a strong focus on having lots of fun with a focus on handling their instrument. Adults can expect to also have fun, but with more emphasis on conceptual music ideas.

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Quick Facts About Avi

  • Teaches Drums and Piano
  • Ages 7 and Up
  • Patient, Fun and Professional!
  • Fluent in all styles of music
Avi Kerson - Piano, Drum, and Bass Teacher | Off the Wall School of Music

General Teaching Style

Methodical but relaxed. Its important that a teacher and their student get comfortable first and learn how to communicate with each other well. This allows for the most beneficial learning environment.

Everyone is different so I try to adjust my teaching to do whats best for each individual. That said I believe it to be vital to have a strong curriculum that has a linear progression towards achieving a students individual goals. 

I use a blend of standard exercises and songs from different books and resources. Additionally I will help student find songs and materials that fit their personal needs.

Unique Strengths

I've found that patience is key to a successful lesson. Learning something as complex as music can be intimidating. It's incredibly important that a student feels comfortable and that their lessons have a good pacing to them.

Also fun! It's imperative that lessons are fun, especially in the beginning. Music is fun so music lessons should also be fun!

Additional Experience & Instruments

I have experience playing Drums, Piano, Bass (Electric, Upright), Guitar, Mandolin, Hand Drums

Lake Washington Jr High and High School Band
Shoreline Community College Music Major

Most Inspirational Music Moment

Seeing Jojo Mayer play at the Sunset in Seattle. Jo Jo Mayer is one of the greatest drummers to ever exist and to see him live in a small venue here in Seattle was life changing.Playing live in front of 1,200 fans at a sold out show was an amazing moment.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

Kind of Blue - Miles Davis
Hush - Yo Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin
Blues and Roots - Charles Mingus