Clarkia Cobb – Voice and Piano Teacher

Quick Facts About Clarkia

  • Teaches beginning piano and voice
  • Works well with all ages and skill levels for Voice. Piano students must be beginner only.
  • Customized curriculum based on students' skill and musical tastes
  • Strengths: Patient, encouraging & positive teaching style
  • Bachelor's of Arts in Music, Vocal Jazz emphasis, Cornish College of the Arts; Post-Graduate Certificate in Audio Engineering, University of Washington

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General Teaching Style

My teaching style is enthusiastic, and friendly!

I want every student to enjoy coming to their lesson and feel jazzed about the music they are learning -- at either a fast pace or a more laid back one. Music is fun, and should be enjoyable.

With students of all ages, I believe that finding material that they already enjoy listening to carries well into practicing and performing. I also make sure that the student understands what I'm trying to convey by explaining concepts in a variety of different ways.

Curriculum-wise, I don't use anything specific, because each student is different. I customize my curriculum based on what they want to learn, their speed of learning, what makes music fun for them and how developed their voice is.

The most important thing for beginning vocal students to learn is how to breathe properly, and to develop a healthy vocal technique that fits within the natural realm of their speaking voice.

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

In the first lesson we will cover the basic principles on how to breathe properly, the three different resonators for our voice and beginning vocal warm-ups to strengthen your voice.

With adults I will go into more detail on these concepts, as well as the physicality of singing; for children it depends how well they can match pitch, and how developed their voice is.

Unique Strengths

My greatest strengths as a teacher are that I am extremely patient, encouraging and have been blessed to study music with many different individuals.

Certain aspects of learning music didn't come easily for me, so I had to take extra time to truly understand them. I tried many approaches, and found some that worked for me and some that didn't. As a result, I learned a lot of different ways to break down concepts, which I share with my students until we find the way that 'clicks' for them.

Additional Experience & Instruments

I love writing music, I have an extensive knowledge of recording music, I'm constantly learning and listening to new music, and I'm skilled in singing a variety of forms of music, including jazz, opera, musical theater, rock and country.

Most Inspirational Music Moment

When I heard the music I wrote for my album, recorded and realized with wonderful musicians and my first voice teacher.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

Luckily I always have my voice with me, thus I am never without my instrument! And I have no doubt I would sing to the wild animals and entice them with:

  • Fleetwood Mac - Rumors
  • Joni Mitchell - Court and Spark
  • Irene Kral - Where is Love
Clarkia Cobb - Piano & Voice Teacher in Seattle WA

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  • Public Folder - This is where Clarkia posts files for her students