Dylan Hayes – Piano Teacher

Quick Facts About Dylan

  • Teaches piano
  • Works well with all ages and skill levels
  • Develops customized curriculum based on a student's interests and goals
  • Strengths: Music theory, arrangements, composing, teaching to play by ear
  • Teaching for 4 years
  • Graduate of the Marin School of the Arts; presently studying for Bachelor's degree at Cornish College of the Arts 

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General Teaching Style

I like to get to know my students and see what they're interested in so I can put together arrangements based on their interests. I also like to teach songs by ear.

Curriculum-wise, I've used a variety of books, including "JazzMatazz" - Lee Evans, "Piano Theory" - Marry Elizabeth Clark, "A Dozen A Day" - Edna-Me Burnam, "Scales, Chords and Arpeggios" - James Bastien, "The Jazz Piano Book" - Mark Levine, "Adult Piano Course" - Michael Aaron, "Christmas Anew" - Eugene R. Rocherolle, and "Rhythmic Training" - Robert Starer. I also use "Piano Adventures Flashcards" by Nancy and Randall Faber.

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

For beginner students, I'll show them where middle C is, which is usually where the logo is in the center of the piano. I would also point out that C is to the left of every set of two black notes, E is to the right of two black keys and so forth. In a first lesson, I like to show a blues scale and have people improvise using it while I walk a bass line and play chords. I also try to have people sing what they hear and try to play it.

Unique Strengths

I know a lot about music theory, compositions, and arranging. I also like teaching by ear and clapping rhythms to help read music.

Also, I do ear training exercises to teach them major, minor, diminished and augmented chords.

Additional Experience & Instruments

I worked with a diverse group of people in the Marin City Projects. The kids liked me and I was able to establish a warm comfortable relationship. I think it's important to make sure your student is not stressed or anxious when approaching a music lesson. I always encourage my students to explore their creative side when it comes to improvisation. Kids get encouraged when they hear me play piano and want to emulate what I do.

In addition to the piano, I have experience with Drums, Guitar, Bass, Alto Saxophone, Voice.

Most Inspirational Music Moment

The most inspirational moment in my career was putting together a jazz big band with a week to prepare using all of my arrangements and original tunes. This happened only three weeks ago. It was the best gig I've ever had, because of all the great musicians in the Bay Area and a huge crowd to support us.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

It's nearly impossible for me to pick three albums, but here they are:

  • Seven Steps To Heaven - Miles Davis
  • But Not For Me - Ahmad Jamal
  • April In Paris - Count Basie
Dylan Hayes - Piano Teacher | Off the Wall School of Music

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