Heidi Altenhofen – Voice and Piano Teacher

Quick Facts About Heidi

  • Teaches voice and piano, both separately and together
  • Works well with all ages and experience levels on piano and voice
  • Specializes in contemporary styles, musical theatre, classical, jazz
  • Teaching for 6 years

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music – Eastern Washington University, 2011
  • Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Institute Certification –
  • Shenandoah Conservatory, 2016
  • Yakima Symphony Soloist
  • Broadway Bound Children’s Theatre Summer Camp Musical Director
  • Solo & Ensemble Judge
  • Choral Festival Clinician

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General Teaching Style

I love teaching lessons because I can get to know the students well, create a safe environment for them to explore their capabilities, and customize a curriculum to meet their needs.

I am intuitive and a creative problem-solver.

My goal for my students is for them to become musicians who are captivating for both their skill and passion, and for them to have life-long enjoyment of music.


Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

In the first voice lesson, we discuss the students experience and goals, do vocal warm-ups, the student sings something of their choice, then we choose exercises and/or music to continue with that is fitting for the students goals and needs.

In the first piano lesson, we first discuss the students experience and goals. If the student is a beginner, we sit at the piano and start getting to know it, and if the student is experienced, we try various exercises and excerpts of music to see where we are and determine where we can pick up.

Unique Strengths

I am skilled at styling appropriately to genre or setting, music theory, ear training, and versatility.

What kind of students are a good fit

I genuinely enjoy teaching all ages. I can teach all levels of voice, and beginning - intermediate - advanced piano.

I am patient, gracious, and a confidence builder for piano or voice students who are young, inexperienced, or shy.

My voice lessons are technical and innovative for experienced and competitive students.

I am warm and inviting for adult students who want to come in and sing or play just because it's good for the soul.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

  • Snarky Puppy
  • Debussy
  • Kurt Elling

Most Inspirational Music Moment

My most inspirational music moment was when I went to Jazz Alley by myself to see one of my favorite singers. They seated me front and center. I had never been so content experiencing something by myself and I didn't feel alone for one second. I felt like if I could experience music that great, I had all I needed in life to be happy!

Heidi - Piano and Voice Teacher in Seattle, WA

What type of curriculum?

In voice lessons I use a compilation of methods covering vocal health, technique, ear training, and artistry, varying based on the goals of the student.

The method books for piano lessons I prefer are Piano Adventures by Randall and Nancy Faber.

I also grab popular tunes from various books or sheet music resources, and chord charts for accompanying or improvisational playing.

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