Jeffrey G. – Piano & Trumpet

Quick Facts About Jeffrey

  • Teaches Piano and Trumpet
  • Works well with students aged 8-18 and adults
  • Specializes in Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop and Improvisational skill building
  • Has taught for 5 years
  • Bachelor's of Arts degree in Music Performance -- Whitman College

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General Teaching Style

My lessons focus on challenging students to learn new skills without losing sight of the fact that music is fun! I ask my students what their goals are, and together we work on building the musical skillset and confidence to achieve those goals. Whether a student wants to ace an audition for their school band or they just want to learn to play a favorite song, I recognize that students come to our music lessons with a wide variety of goals. My overall goal is to equip my students with knowledge of the musical concepts necessary for them to continue exploring the music they love outside of our time together.


I structure my lessons to fit the student in front of me. While I don't use a set curriculum, lessons are sure to include exercises for technique, reading, rhythmic accuracy, and developing our musical ears. Depending on the interest of the student, we may work on jazz, pop, and classical songs as fun vehicles for practicing these concepts. I frequently draw upon selected exercises from common trumpet and piano method books, but I try not to rely heavily on a singular method -- the best method is a combination of methods! As we work on learning songs, I work with my students to develop a unique practice routine that allows for focused, relaxed, and efficient practice.

I typically send my students home with two-or-three manageable practice goals for the week, each covering a different area of their musical development. For instance: an exercise to practice their technique on the instrument; a song to learn that builds upon or integrates that exercise; and a new concept to practice (like building a chord on the piano!).

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

During our first lesson, I spent some time getting to know the student! For kids, usually I ask them what musical artists or genres they like and if there are any songs they want to start learning to play. For adults, I ask about what motivated them to start taking lessons, and what their goals are during our time together. Regardless of age, I always make sure that we play at least something small on the instrument during the first session!

Most Inspirational Music Moments and Experiences

One of my favorite musical memories comes from a few years ago when I was traveling in Ecuador. I met some local musicians who played indigenous instruments from the Andes mountains -- and I had a jam session with them on my trumpet! It was an awesome exchange of musical traditions. I wish that I had recorded it!

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

Songs in the Key of Life -- Stevie Wonder

Study in Brown -- Clifford Brown

The Stranger -- Billy Joel

Jeffrey G. - Beginning Piano, Intermediate Piano, Adv. Piano, Trumpet Teacher | Off the Wall School of Music

Unique Strengths

  • - Fun, upbeat, friendly teaching style!
  • - Able to work technical concepts into fun exercises
  • - Working on improvisational concepts with both beginning and more advanced students
  • - Developing a practice routine (no matter how young the student)
  • - 14 years of playing and performance experience
  • - Struggled with performance anxiety for years, and have some well-developed strategies for coping with that feeling.
  • - Performance experience in wide variety of settings: jazz, classical, pop, funk, big-band, orchestra, soloist, etc.
  • - Experience playing Trumpet, piano, electric keyboards/synthesizers

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