Joshua Stewart – Rock & Jazz Piano Teacher

Quick Facts About Josh

  • Teaches piano, voice, drums, woodwinds, harmonica
  • Works well with students aged 7 to adult, all experience levels
  • Curriculum is tailored for students, with both visual and analytical approaches
  • Strengths: Customizing a course of study based on a student's learning style, simplifying complex topics
  • Teaching for 10 years
  • Self-taught professional musician for 40 years

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General Teaching Style

I try to build a strong sense of music theory using songs the student enjoys.

My curriculum varies as I tailor it to the learning styles of each student -- some are more visual, others more analytical, and I create lessons that will resonate with them.

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

In my first introduction with a student I try to impart a sense of the fun journey they are about to embark upon. Learning to play music enriches your life in a way that very few things can compare to.

I try to eliminate any fear that learning a new skill can invoke by teaching them a fun song they can play in their first lesson. This empowers them and helps them to realize that music is something they can enjoy and excel at.

I also tailor every lesson to the student's strengths. Whether they are analytical, creative, kinetic, or visual learners, I find their strengths and use them to make learning more efficient and more fun.

I feel I am succeeding if my student arrives to each lesson with a smile and enthusiasm for learning music!

Unique Strengths

I'm particularly skilled in determining what path to take based on a student’s learning particularities. Also, I'm good at helping simplify a difficult topic such as improvisation.

Additional Experience & Instruments

I've been performing music for 40 years, in every genre. In addition to the instruments that I teach, I also have experience playing the guitar and bass.

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Josh Stewart - Jazz & Rock Piano Music Teacher in Seattle, WA


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"He is really wonderful. His teaching style is very different from my regular teacher, but he brings in some great ideas that I can take back to my regular teacher (who in turn does a great job of incorporating it into our routine)!" - Peter

Devil Went Down To Georgia

Bumble Boogie Mashup

Unchain My Heart Lesson

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

  • Michel Legrand - The Thomas Crown Affair (original 1968 film soundtrack)
  • Buddy Rich - Buddy and Soul
  • Eumir Deodato - Prelude

Most Inspirational Music Moment

Probably the first time I had to play a jazz club with my band. The level of musicianship I witnessed at the club was pretty humbling. It made me want to be a stronger performer.