Ryan Hoffman – Rock, Jazz, Folk and Blues Guitar Teacher

Quick Facts About Ryan

  • Teaches rock, jazz, folk & blues styles of guitar & ukulele
  • Works well with all ages and skill levels
  • Focuses on tone, timing and improving instrument knowledge
  • Strengths: Self-taught background, patience, guiding students to self-discovery
  • Teaching for 20+ years
  • Self-taught, professional musician for most of his adult life

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General Teaching Style

I've taught thousands of music lessons, and have found that everyone learns differently. Everybody processes information a little bit differently, and I think it's my job to find out how to help each student learn in the way that fits them best.

I develop my curriculum for each student, based on what they're interested in learning and working on, and what styles they wish to play. That said, I focus on what I believe to be the three fundamental aspects of good musicianship: tone, timing and increasing one's knowledge of their instrument.

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

This all depends on the student, their interests and their experience with the guitar -- I have students of all ages and levels of ability.

For example, I might have a beginning student who needs practice switching from the G chord to the C chord, followed by a semi-pro student who wants some new ideas about how to improvise over minor ii Vs.

Most students have specific interests, genres or skills, which they want to focus on in our lessons, and all of my lessons are designed with each specific student's interests in mind. And I ask for their input, as well.

During their first lesson with me, students can expect me to ask a lot of questions about what they'd like to learn and how they might like to go about learning those things. I'll then offer suggestions on how we might go about achieving their objectives.

Once we've covered that and developed our plan, we usually have some time to start working on their goals right away.

Unique Strengths

Since I'm a self-taught musician, I understand the challenges that many of us face when we're trying to learn how to play music -- particularly because I've worked through them myself! I'm a patient teacher and feel that students learn better through self-realization rather than being told things by me, so I try to push students to make their own discoveries. I've found that many of my students enjoy learning through this process -- myself included.

I believe I have a reputation of being a good teacher for people that have played for a few years and are looking to take their playing to the next level, so I have a fair amount of students who are experienced players wishing to make a breakthrough.

Additional Experience & Instruments

Being a professional, performing musician, I have a lot of 'on the job' musical expertise that informs my teaching. In addition to the guitar and ukulele, I have experience in playing the electric bass and piano.

I also think that being a parent as had a huge impact on my teaching -- since having a child, I've never looked at the world the same way!

Most Inspirational Music Moment

Living in France and learning Gypsy jazz from the many incredible Gypsy players that live and play there.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

Well, it wouldn't much matter unless the island had an outlet so I could recharge my device. After about 9 hours or so, I'd be done, so I think I'd rather just have my guitar!

Ryan Hoffman - Guitar Teacher in Seattle WA

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