Piano Teacher: Jordan Stoneman!

jordan the piano teacherMeet Jordan Stoneman!

Jordan is more explosive than a stick of dynamite! He started performing dueling piano shows in Salt Lake City in 2007. Now he plays at Chopstix in Seattle 4 nights a week.

Teaching Focus

His kind tone makes it easy for students of all ages to relate to him whether they want to work on classical or learn how to rock out on the piano!

Jordan’s students get well balanced lessons that focus on all area of music, not just reading the notes. Because he is a certified suzuki instructor he is able to help students have correct posture, find good tone and use their ears as well! Once you have those essentials down, everything else falls into place.

Jordan learned how to play piano using the suzuki method with his teachers and learned to play songs by ear before ever learning to read music.

A Piano Man by Night!

Jordan Stoneman is a professional musician that has performed in over 650 shows, private parties, wedding receptions, corporate parties, and musical theater performances across the United States.

Over a quarter of a million people have heard or seen Jordan play.

University of Utah

After studying at the University of Utah, Jordan decided to become A full-time teacher/musician and has over 5 years of piano teaching experience.

Jordan started playing piano at the age of 3 and has 15 years of classical music training under the tutelage of Susan Cheney PH. D. and Katie Hill PH. D.

Whatever your piano goals are, Jordan can help you reach them!


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