Creatively using common classroom instruments to inspire

We came across this awesome Youtube video made by Carly & The Roots & Jimmy Fallon and wanted to share! In this video they are using everyday instruments that you would find either or around your house or even in the classroom. Most of these instruments could be found for between $5.00-$50.00!: 

Some of the instruments used  in this video are the human voice, triangle, wood block, tambourine, bass drum, washboard stick, kazoo, recorder, bongos, unkulele, melodica, and even a toy xylophone.

Music is something that brings people together, lifts emotions, and pleases the soul. You don’t have to have fancy or expensive instruments, and you don’t need to stress about the fact that you don’t sound like Mozart, The Beatles, or Metallica. The whole point is to just have fun!  The more you play the more you will learn and improve.

Did you know that you could make beautiful music even from inexpensive instruments or common household objects? Have you thought about some ways you can incorporate more music into your daily life? Is there an instrument that you would love to learn to play?

We would love to encourage you to pursue your passion for music and discover all of your hidden talents! Book your free introductory lesson with us today!

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