MIDI is 30!

Technology continue to change and evolve on an almost constant basis. It always seems that the minute you purchase the newest and greatest thing, the next best toy is already on the product line. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with! While many things continue to be tweaked and improved, one thing has remained the same- MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).


I guess the saying goes…”When you get something right, leave it alone!”


We have lots of synthesizers and keyboards at the school, and incorporate how to use the technology in our piano classes. Last week a student brought in a looping pedal and a microphone and worked on looping beat boxing patterns.
Other times students will work on various forms of synthesis. Understanding how to connect keyboards, and other gear up to speakers with audio and midi cables are some of the basics we teach before students can move on to crafting sounds on the synthesizers.



Check out this article to learn more about the 30th anniversary of MIDI and it’s impact on music today!




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