Tip o’ the Month: Practice = Skittles?

We are all about candy here at Off the Wall.  And we are cool with bribery…and we think it’s awesome when we can combine the two.

So, here is a friendly reminder about our “Practice = Skittles” program here at Off the Wall.
OK, so maybe it’s not really an official program but it still works.  And it works a TON better, when you use a practice chart.

We’ve made a handy practice chart because we think it’s helpful to have reminders to practice. Post it where you think it will help the most.

Maybe your fridge?  So you are reminded about your music when you are eating.
Your desk?  Music practice is kinda like homework, right?
Your front door.
Your forehead.
Your sister’s forehead.
Your dog.

You get the idea.

Put the chart whenever you think it will work best to remind yourself to … practice. And when you’re reminded to practice, then you’re reminded about … Skittles.  See what we did there?

You will get one skittle for for every day you practice and, remember, lesson time is practice time so, BONUS!

Print this at home or find one at the school.  Our apologies to the dog.  But we are all for what works.

Off the Wall Practice Chart

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