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Since I don’t get to talk with everyone as much as I’d like I’m going to trot out this idea of posting a little something here every month.  And maybe you’ll read it and just get the warm and fuzzy feeling that we are having a really awesome conversation.  Maybe not, but I do wish we all had more time to connect.

So, if you have the inclination…by all means, read on!

RECITAL & PICS: I’m very excited about this weekend’s recital.  It will be a total blast!  Please remember to bring your camera, or smartphones or whatever … and take lots of pictures and videos.  AND if you have an Instagram Account (<– click there if you don’t), make sure you #OTWRecital in the comment section before posting.  Those pictures will be uploaded to our recital Facebook album so you can look at all the photos from the day and share the link with your friends who couldn’t make it downtown.  And while you are at the Facebook Page, don’t forget to “like” us!

DON’T RUN AWAY!:  The last recital session of the day will be more of a hangout!  Less pressure means just chill and jam with some fellow students if there is time.  So, stick around if you can.

COMMUNITY SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Tomorrow from 9am – 12pm!  We’re setting up instruments across the street for students to practice and jam on before the recital. If you play the right song (“The Addams Family” or “If You’re Happy and You Know it Honk Your Horn”), the traffic will often honk for you! Come get some last-minute practice in before the recital and also jam with some teachers and fellow students!

Oh….and …..we’ll also be helping clean up the park. The city will bring a bunch of tools and snacks for everyone and we need to bring the extra hands to help with weeding, planting, spreading mulch and eating the snacks.

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LIKE FACEBOOK?  LIKE US!:  We are revamping our social media stuff, and we think you’ll “like” what’s there.  (See what I did there?)  Lots of fun stuff and school news and photographs.

INSTAGRAM:  We are posting more from there, too.  Keep in touch with us when you are out of the school.  Check out @OffTheWallSchoolofMusic for some of our fun pictures.  If you have an Instagram account and you find yourself in a cool place with our Off The Wall t-shirt on, snap a picture and tag it #OTWRocks and we’ll be able to take a look at the stuff you are doing.

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SEE YOUR TEACHERS IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT:  Playing music!  Check out the events calendar.

HOLIDAY!:  We’re taking a break and closing the school on Monday, 5/24 and 5/25.

PLANNING FOR SUMMER:  Help us plan by letting us know as as soon as possible if you’ll be cancelling a recurring appointment.

WHEW!  (That wasn’t so bad, was it?!)

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