It feels like summer!

The weather has heated up and Headshot - Chris circlesummer is upon us! Soon school will be out and everyone will be heading out to enjoy the sunshine and explore the world. AWESOME!

It has been an exciting year so far at Off the Wall. We’ve added new staff members, increased our social media presence, and are doing our best to capture and share all of the awesomeness that is our school. Who wouldn’t want to brag about the best students in the world?!

Have you seen our new waiting room décor? There are new posters and even staff pics. We are always looking to change and improve so if you have any ideas for us, please drop us a line! We love receiving your input.

I’m really excited about how totally awesome our May Rock-cital went! Everyone had great performances. If you have a moment, check out some of the pics and clips on our Facebook album (public for everyone!) And, while you are there, “LIKE” us so that you can keep up with all the things we are doing.

Even though you’ll be basking in the sunshine, don’t forget to keep those instruments going. Joining up with one of our Rock Band Camps is a great way to do just that. We start June 22nd and there is room in several camps so, if you are interested in joining a band, we’d love to have you! Or, if you just hang out, jam a bit, eat ice cream…that’s cool too.

With all of the awesome things you will be doing this summer, we realize summer lesson scheduling can be chaotic. Please let us know if you want to make any schedule changes. We will gladly switch you to ad hoc lessons. If you want to move your recurring lesson to a new time, we can do that!

It is wonderful watching our students improve! If we don’t see you at one of our camps, we hope that you continue to practice this summer and prep for our next recital in the fall!

We look forward to spending the most rockin’ summer ever with our OTW family!


— Chris

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