Student Spotlight: Madison Herbst

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to introduce you to 15-year-old Madison Herbst, who has been a student with us for two years.  Madison participated in an interview with us and we learned that she can play drums, bass (upright & electric), as well as the alto saxophone!  What an amazing accomplishment!

Even more amazing are some of the answers to our Off The Wall questions.

OTW: What are your favorite songs right now?
Madison: Dream a Little Dream of Me performed by The Mamas & the Papas (check out Mama Cass in this video!)

OTW: What are your favorite bands and why?
Madison: Miles Davis Quintet because I look up to the musicians and I love jazz.  Also, Chon & Tricot because I’ve been getting into Math Rock which uses weird time signatures & intricate rhythms.  It’s really fun to listen to….you have to have an ear for it.

OTW: Do you have any pets?
Madison: No pets right now but I have a lot plants…an orchid and a succulent.  If I could have a pet right now I’d like to have a bearded dragon.  You can take them for walks….they’re AWESOME!

Simple pan fried rice noodles with Chinese broccoli and pork.
Pad See Ew: Simple pan fried rice noodles with Chinese broccoli and pork. YUM!

OTW: If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Madison: Pad See Ew…yummmm (We agree! Click here for recipe!)

OTW: We love having you take lessons here. What is your favorite thing about Off The Wall School of Music?Madison: All the teachers are really nice.  They care about you learning and really getting to know the music.  They are fun to talk to & they have a lot of experience they pass along.  They each have they have their own unique teaching style that makes learning fun and it’s not boring.

Fantastic answers, Madison!  Thank you so much for sharing.

(And, if she ever gets that bearded dragon…they seem pretty tolerant of affectionate cats, too!)

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