3 Lists Telling us what’s Happening this Weekend — music and beyond…

Are pirates your thing?  Maybe Legos?

seafair pirates

A couple cool lists of local weekend summertime happenings:

1) Here’s a good list from Seattle’s Child, which includes things like a Seafair Pirate Landing and an edible garden tour at West Woodland Elementary school, which is a few minutes northwest of our school.

2) The Stranger Music calendar is awesome.  You can sort by type of music, select specific days, venues.  Has free shows, all-ages shows…a little something for everyone!

3) Who didn’t love their little red tricycle?  Well, now you can have it all the time!  Well, Red Tricycle grew up and now provides news as well as this handy, dandy and fairly comprehensive list of things that are happening for area families.  From music and plays, to camps and LEGOS!  (We love legos.)  And you can look ahead to other weekends, too!

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