4 Things for this weekend’s to-do list…

So many parties, festivals, and soirees, but, seemingly so little summer…. Here are a couple music-related things to do! And you don’t even have to venture very far.

1) Wallingford Center Celebrates 30! They get top billing this weekend because we think Wallingford is awesome.  Saturday 1-6PM!  Food, Drinks and Prizes!


 Wallingford 30 party

2) Seattle’s First Waterfront Music Festival, July 18th, right down in Myrtle Edwards Park.  Portland isn’t the only NW city with an awesome waterfront park.  We’ve got one, too!  And in a couple weeks, you can go visit “their” park for the NW Music Fest, which is always a ton of fun.  But please go to ours, too!

3) Headed over the bridge?  Then head to the the Kirkland Uncorked Wine Festival!

kirkland uncorked

4) Why not check out the Timber Fest in Carnation, WA?  And, if you fancy yourself a real hearty NW soul, you might want to check out Timbrrr!  It is the winter music festival in Leavenworth, WA in mid-January.

And…wait!  If you go, snap a photo so we can share some of the fun!  You can either post it to Instagram with the hashtag #OTWRocks or you can send it directly to me at offthewallseattle.media@gmail.com and I’ll be glad to post it for you.  You’ll be on the school’s slideshow!  You’ll be ALMOST FAMOUS!  🙂

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