#tbt Chris at the piano @Pianos in the Park 2014

A little piano #tbt! Some honky tonk Pianos in the Park for your Thursday afternoon pleasure!

How can you be this cool?

1) Wear your Off the Wall t-shirt!
2) Find a piano
3) Play the piano and … do any or all of the following things so we’ll get to share in the fun:
—  Snap a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #OTWRocks
—  Film a 15-sec video on Instagram with the hashtag #OTWRocks
—  Film a LONGER video and post on your YouTube account with the hashtag #OTWPianos2015.
—  Snap a photo or take a video and send it to Deidre at offthewallseattle.media@gmail.com and I’ll take care of it!
We want to see your awesomeness!  So try any and/or all of these things and we’ll be soooo happy!

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