#OTW Beatlemania Closeout Special

You made it through the #OTW version of Beatlemania!  And you probably learned something along the way…right?  I mean, it’s not going to make you any Einstein, or anything like that, but we like to think the knowledge gained still carries some cool-quotient.

And to finish out the week, let’s listen to some hip summer music that came off of their Revolver album, which was released the same year as the final Seattle concerts. “Good Day Sunshine” opened the second side of that album and transmits a lot of bright energy in just two short minutes. Producer George Martin’s piano solo was recorded at a slower speed so that when it is played back normally, it offers the already sprightly song an added honky-tonk feel. See if you can pick it out.

So, the week’s tally for The Beatles: three concerts, one bad review.  Fish caught.  Fans fainted.  On the whole, a fairly successful trip to the Emerald City.  Thanks for getting your ticket to ride along with us.  (OK, groan.  But I just had to!)

Beatles Inside

beatles cover

beatles fans

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