Student Spotlight: Claire

For this month’s student spotlight we are introducing you to our sclairetudent Claire! She has been taking lessons at Off the Wall School of Music for five years and is a very imaginative and creative 11 (“and a ½”) year old who plays the piano, drums, ukulele and sings.  And, as if that’s not enough, she also has plans to learn the guitar this year!  Whew.  We recently asked Claire some questions and wanted to share some of her responses with you.

… she doesn’t have any pets at the moment but is getting another hamster soon.  She is leaning towards Coral or Fauna for names.skater

… she has a lot of things she wants to be when she grows up, from a singer or actress to a nature photographer or professional ice skater.

… she started at Seattle Girls School last year in 5th grade and her favorite subject is Performance Studies because she can be creative there.

… some of her favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Journey, and Heart.  All right! We like them, too!

Here is what her teacher, Sarah Angel, has to say about Claire:

“Aside from her natural talent, charismatic performances, and her boundless energy, Claire also gives great hugs. Watch out though, you’ll most likely find a sticker on your back later on.”

led zeppelinFinally, we love having Claire here so much that we were wondering what was her favorite thing about Off The Wall
School of Music… RECITALS!  She likes that everyone gets to meet new people, perform her songs, and that the recitals are always at fun places.

Thank you Claire!   Your responses are delightfully entertaining!  We are sure that you will be a fantastic nature photographing, singer/actress on ice skates.  We look forward to seeing you at the next recital.

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