Pearl Jam 25th Anniversary Week! Day 5

So, by now, we should all know now that Pearl Jam exploded and it all started 25 years ago this very week.  And they went on and made more records and had more fun and then they…came back!  And, when they did,

Pearl Jam Benaroya
Inside the lobby at Benaroya Hall

the gritty alternative grunge band had become mainstream.  So mainstream, in fact, that they came to Seattle and played Benaroya Hall.

But not only did they come back to Seattle and play Benaroya Hall…  they played that Benaroya concert on the same date that they first appeared in 1990 as a band together:  Oct0ber 22, 2003.

Uncanny!  How far they’d come in thirteen years!  If you don’t believe me, you can even get the Pearl Jam Benaroya cd on Amazon.  And you can watch the video.

Thanks for joining the fun this week.  We hope you learned a few tidbits to share with your friends this weekend!  If you missed anything from Pearl Jam Week just click here and the week’s articles will pop up for you.

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Stay tuned and don’t miss our next weekly feature!  I wonder what it’ll be….

The man who inspired the band's first name and the number of the jersey that inspired the title of the band's first album.
The man who inspired the band’s first name and the number of the jersey that inspired the title of the band’s first album.


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