Musician Gift Guide

Musician Gift Guide for the 2015 Holiday Season!

Welcome to our 2015 Musician Gift Guide!  The links to the gifts are only for reference, and not to be intended as any endorsement of a specific on-line store.  Most of these gifts can be acquired at many different on-line businesses, as well as your favorite local shop.

Musician Gift Guide
In addition to the gift suggestions below, do you think your student would like a 1-2 hour weekend recording session to record their own song with an Off the Wall instructor?  Know a current student that would appreciate receiving a 4-lesson gift card (or more?)  We bet you do!  Just e-mail the office and we will get you all set up!

Now, without further ado…. check out these fun and festive finds!

1) Do you have a guitarist on your list who wants to play all the time? Then Pocket Strings might just be the perfect gift.  It is a portable (and socially acceptable) way to practice in public places.Musician Gift Ticket Stub Diary

2) Know someone who has show tickets tacked onto a bulletin board, collecting in a shoe box under the bed? Help them get organized and enjoy tripping down memory lane with this handy Ticket Stub diary.

3) For the budding piano bar rocker!  This book of many of the most popular and crowd-pleasing songs are in this Rollicking Piano Bar Song book.

4) Vocalists and actors like to have a handy little Pitch Pipe to make sure they are starting on tune.

5) Got drumsticks rolling around in the backMusician Guide Green Golly seat?  Stop that!  Get a handy drum stick bag to keep them from getting lost, separated or …. worse?

6) Riffing off the drumstick-thing:  How about some drumstick pencils!  Good stocking stuffer!

7) Every guild your own Ukulele? Here’s your chance with this convenient ukulele-building kit.

8) Like to display your guitar?  Or does your guitar floor stand just gets in the way of sweeping and mopping? Try out a guitar wall hanger.

9) Green Golly and Her Golden Flute is inspirational for the budding flutist or simply to introduce your family to classical music.

10) Lots of musicians start out playing a recorder or a penny whistle.  Here’s a pennywhistle for you to try, along with some music to try out.

11) Wanna be chillin’ like Dylan?  If you are a harmonica player, here’s your chance to learn a few of Bob Dylan’s musical tips.

12) Beethoven driving you nuts?  Mozart is maniacial?  Get some of these mini classical composer statues and show them who is boss!mini composer statues

13) Does your dog want to show their love for music?  Maybe you want to project your passion? Check out this fancy guitar dog collar and project with purpose!

14) Not quite ready for a custom guitar?  That’s OK, show your personality with by making some custom guitar picks.

15) Know a retro music fan?  Likes the throwback look and feel?  Try out these vintage band posters for that very hip friend on your list.

16) I know some teens who cannot get certain songs out of their minds.  The songs just “speak” to them?  What a great time of life!  Why not get this snapshot and frame their favorite song?

17) The headphone beanie has been around for a few seasons, but it’s still a seasonal favorite and a quirky (and often cheaper) alternative to wearing big headphones.

18) Some addictive artsy looking desk fun!  This magic notes sculpture block is just the right thing.

Enjoy your gift-giving and have a warm and wonderful holiday season!

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