Instructor Spotlight: Guitarist Neal Adams

We recently did a little interview with OTW instructor Neal Adams, who started teaching guitar lessons with us a couple months ago.  We wanted to give you all the chance to get to know him just a little bit better.  Although Neal is new to OTW, he comes to us with quite a bit of experience as a teacher, guitarist, and musician.

Guitarist Neal AdamsA Little About Neal

He enjoys when students have fun with music and find their place in the arts. Performing and teaching music is what he has wanted to do since he was a teenager. Which might have something to do with his first guitar teacher, Brad Rabuchin, to whom Neal gives the credit for being his first life changing inspiration.  I think we all owe Mr. Rabuchin a “thank you” for that!

Neal says that if he could offer his students one piece of advice it would be “Have fun and work hard and share what you learn about music with your family and friends!”  And the best piece of advice he has ever received is to “always leave them wanting to hear more.”

Just a few interesting tidbits that we learned about Neal is that he really likes beagles and has a rescue dog named neal tie dyeSnoop.  He enjoys spending some warm summer mornings by himself kayak fishing.   His favorite color is tie-dye.  And, though he is sometimes a bit of a klutz, if he could be granted one superpower, it would be “to make people understand each other so they could live peacefully together.”

Neal told us two truths and a lie and this one is pretty easy….if you can guess the lie, Neal in a candid momentthen comment under the post on the Facebook page and we’ll see if you’re right!

  • I grew up in Russia and was very involved in the Russia ballet as a child and I still do an incredible pirouette.
  • I am one of nine children. I’m number eight.
  • I play a seven string guitar.

(Hint: He also told us he was very excited about his new seven string guitar!)
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