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January Birthdays – rock stars, violinists, questionable characters

Happy New Year!

January is the month of rebirth so let’s take a look at some of the, er, births in January!  And, since January is #OTW’s violin month, we’ve included some violinists.  So, back off, drummers.  Your month is next (and I did include Dave Grohl, btw, because…Grohl.)
January 7, 1948:  Kenny Loggins — our own PNW guy from Everett, WA! Remember Footloose?  Remember Caddyshack?  It all started about 20 miles up the road!

January 8th:  Elvis Presley (1935), David Bowie (1947), R Kelley (1969)

January 9th:  Jimmy Page (1944), Dave Matthews (1967)

January 10th: Pat Benetar (1953), Rod Stewart (1945)

January 11th:  Naomi Judd (1946) and Mary J. Blige (1971)

January 14th:  OTW piano teacher, Chris Marx!  LL Cool J (1969) and Dave Grohl (1969)

January 16th:  Daisy Kennedy, Australian violinist (1893)janis joplin

January 17th:  Eduard Remenyi, Hungarian violinist (1828) and Ulf Hoelscher, German violinist (1942)

January 19th:  Janis Joplin (1943) and Dolly Parton (1946)

January 22nd:  Sam Cooke (1931)

January 23rd:  Muzio Clementi, Italian composer (1752)

January 24th:  Neil Diamond (1941), John Belushi (1949)

January 25th:  Etta James (1938) and Alicia Keyes (1981)sam cooke

January 26th:  Eddie Van Halen (1955)

January 27th:  M0zart (1756) and Helmut Zacharias, German violinist (1920)

January 31st:  Justin Timberlake (1981)




Did someone say Caddyshack???

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