Student Spotlight: Nikki Oerting

For this month’s student spotlight, we’d like you to meet one of our adult students, Nikki Oerting, whose son also takes lessons at OTW.  Nikki started taking lessons with us about a year ago and what’s cooler than that is that this is the first instrument that NikkStudent Spotlight University of Washington Lawi has learned! She is proof positive that learning music is an endeavor that that can be undertaken successfully — and hopefully enjoyably! — as an adult.

By day, Nikki is an RN and is excited to return to school at the UW this spring to work towards getting her wound care certification.

When asked about artists or bands that she enjoys, Nikki said “Kate Tempest: I love her on so many levels.  Her voice, her music, her poetry. She’s from a completely different generation and background yet she delves so deep and is so honest I still relate to her.”
cookie monster
It appears that cookies are Nikki’s favorite food.  She says that if she could only eat one food for the rest of her life, cookies would be it.

Nikki’s favorite thing about Off the Wall School of Music is “that the focus is on the joy of playing and that lesson goals are student driven.”

S0 glad you feel that way Nikki!  We are happy to have both you and your son with the school.

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