Drums Month: Student Spotlight on Quentin Jorgenson

Student Spotlight + Drums Month = Quentin Jorgenson

For Drums month, we’d like you to meet 16-year-old Quentin Jorgenson.  Quentin has been taking drum lessons with Off The Wall School of Music for a little more than six months, splitting his time equally between guitar and drums.  He enjoys taking lessons at OTW because he

Drum Month Student Spotlight Quintin
Quentin at November’s recital at the Hard Rock Cafe

likes having so many options and opportunities, in general, and he says he learns a lot too.  I’m sure both of his teachers would agree.

Quentin’s favorite band is Nirvana for a number of reasons.  He “loves its explosive, raw, yet simple energy and its all very creative and expressive.”  I’m sure most of us can all agree with that!

As a student at Roosevelt High School, Quentin enjoys his advanced algebra and

Drums Month Student Spotlight Quentin Guitar
Quentin playing the guitar at November’s recital.

drawing/painting classes the most.  When asked about his future aspirations, Quentin said “I’d like to be a musician and do some art and writing… but I’ll probably be a psychiatrist or something.”

Perhaps you can specialize in music therapy!

Quentin also has 5 pets in his family.  “Two dogs at each of my parent’s houses and a girl cat at my dad’s. . . The dogs at my mom’s are Kyra and Kodiak (usually we call him Wilbur — I don’t know why his name is even Kodiak.)  At my dad’s the dogs are Kenya and Nita and the cat is Koko.”

I hope we can get to the bottom of Kodiak’s name.  Please let us know if you ever find out!

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