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Oscar Music Week: Randy Newman’s first win!

As we learned from yesterday’s Oscar Music post, Randy Newman certainly doesn’t have the most nominations in the music category but his losing streak — 16 in a row and some really, really good music — was enough to garner a little attention from the press and more than a little pity from fans and musicians.  Sure, now Randy Newman is in the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame, but then….it was getting u-g-l-y.

To add to the angst, in 1999, he was nominated three different times for three different movies!  Viewers figured that he had to hit one! Nope.

But here, in 2002, he finally won with this great diddy that he wrote for Monster’s, Inc.  After three more nominations, he followed this up in 2011 with the score for Toy Story 3.  Thank goodness for Pixar!  Snub no more!  Enjoy!






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