Cello Month: Student Spotlight on Lindsey Wilder

It’s cello month and this month’s Student Spotlight is on 10-year-old Lindsey Wilder.  Lindsey has been a student at Off the Wall School of Music for two years and is taking both piano and cello lessons.

Currently, Lindsey’s favorite band is Frightened Rabbit from the UK, because “they’re cool”.  Uhm…Agreed!  Watch the video at the bottom of this page and see for yourself!

Her favorite subject at Cascadia Elementary School is reading.  “I read a lot, all the time! My favorite genre of books is fantasy.”  We are with you, girl.  Princesses, dragons, monsters, time warps….these are what good childhood memories are made of.  (And for some of us, the memory making continues into adulthood.  Shhhh.)

Lindsey has dreams of being a costume designer when she grows up and enjoys hanging out with her fish “Bobo.” And…it’s not secret that she wants a dog.

She favorite food is pizza “because it has a lot of variety.”  Yes, and you can try to convince your parents that it is healthy because it has tomato can covers the food groups.

When we asked her what her favorite thing about Off The Wall was, she said “It’s close to my house, the teachers are awesome, and I like the recitals. That’s actually 3 things.”  Smart cookie! 😉

Lindsey is a fantastic music student and we are delighted to have her!  Now, enjoyed some Frightened Rabbit….




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