Vocalist Clarkia Cobb

Staff Spotlight: Pianist and Vocalist Clarkia Cobb

“Nothing else completes me like music.”  If you feel the same way, you may want to meet our new teacher, pianist and vocalist Clarkia Cobb.

Clarkia started teaching at Off the Wall in March, and says her favorite thing about teaching is that it is a way of “passing the torch” to a new generation.

Clarkia and a student at the March 2016 recital.
Clarkia and a student at the March 2016 recital.

Clarkia has an inspiring story of how she progressed in her musical journey.  She started singing as a kid, but didn’t want to learn the piano . . . until she was 17!   She says that adding piano made her more interested in creating music.   She also admits that learning musical theory helps the soundscape make more sense and helped her in songwriting.  She says that writing music has taught her that “the music is the boss.”  Right on!

Although music is her first love, Clarkia says she did not always want to be a music teacher.  Creativity is really important to Clarkia, so after college, she took some time off and got involved in other arts.  As a result, Clarkia writes, paints, and enjoys cartooning.  She took a class on mandalas in college and a comics class by Ellen Forney at Cornish University.

Espreanza spalding vocalist seattle
Espreanza Spalding

An only child, Clarkia says her parents were wonderful and supportive.  They always encouraged her to follow her heart and do what she was passionate about.  She says the best piece of advice she has ever received was from her mom who would tell her “Just Start!” Sometimes getting started is the biggest obstacle.  She now lives with her Siamese cat Breve, who’s favorite spot is the piano bench, of course.  Clarkia says that Breve makes a face when she sings.  Ahhh – roommates….

In her time off, she can be seen listening to music at Jazz Alley or the Sea Monster. Her favorite artist right now is Espreanza Spaulding  and she always enjoys listening to Nancy Wilson.  Clarkia says she also enjoys hiking and loves to be surrounded in natural beauty.  A dream of her’s is just her and a piano in the forest.  That is a concert we would love to be invited to!  

2 truths and a lie!  Can you figure out which one is the lie????

  • Clarkia drinks too much coffee
  • Clarkia is left-handed
  • Clarkia has too many clothes

Click here to learn more about Clarkia, to hear her music or to schedule a lesson.

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