Saxophone Month: Spotlight on Charlee

We are pleased to introduce you to Charlee, who is 10-years-old and has been taking lessons at Off the Wall School of Music for 5 years — which makes it half her life!  She is currently taking Alto Saxophone lessons, but also plays the piano.

charlee 2x
Charlee’s beautiful alto saxophone!

Charlee tells us that she doesn’t really have a favorite band right now, but she is very into Big Band music and Classic Rock.  Some of her favorite songs are: Sing Sing Sing, Stompin’ at the Savoy, Takin’ Care of Business, Purple Haze, and Beat it.

Currently a student at Wedgwood Elementary School, Charlee’s favorite subject is writing.  When she grows up she aspires to be either an architect/engineer who designs roller coasters or an author of historical fiction.  We are sure that with her dedication, she will be able to accomplish whichever one she decides to pursue. Go Charlee!

Charlee’s favorite thing about OTW is taking lessons with her teacher Josh.

“I feel really jazzed when I take lessons from him because he is always happy, encouraging, and just a great person to be around.  He puts thought into what songs I might like and he is usually right.  We have fun.”

Charlee, you are a great student and we love having her here!

And we love all of our OTW families.  You are magnificent!  Check out our other student spotlights!

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