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May 2016: Rocking the Hard Rock Recital!

Thanks for another wonderful recital.  Our third, and final, of the year!  So many wonderful kids and so many wonderful performances … we wish we could teach everyone!

We have found that three recitals is just the perfect number to offer our students.  According to a number of sources, the lack of performance opportunities is one of the reasons why kids quit their instruments.  We combat that (and all the other reasons) at Off The Wall with our three annual recitals.

The best way to motivate students musically is through performance.  Weeks or even months on end of practicing without performing for an audience gets old very quick, and students will definitely quit.  Teachers should schedule performances every six weeks or so in order for students to stay engaged and practicing.  Parents can help by creating small performance opportunities at home — a Friday night dinner concert or a planned performance for visiting family members are great ideas.

Click here to see our recital pictures!

You can also click on the May 2016 video playlist on our Facebook page to see the saved “Live Feed” from the rectial.  So if you missed it before, you can see it now.  Or if you saw it before…you can see it again!

Thanks again for being Seattle’s best music families and for sharing your kids with us.

(And you can share them with us all summer long!  Sign up for our Rock Band Camp and/or continue taking lessons with us.  Stopping over the summer is another top reason kids discontinue their music instruments.)

Check out all the fun we had last summer:



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