Staff Spotlight: Trumpet & French Horn Teacher Allison Damon

We’d like to introduce you to one of our newest staff members, Allison Damon.  Allison joined us a few months ago and, in addition to being an amazing teacher, she has been a great help in the Administrative side of the business.  You might see her buzzing around the school a few days a week to help take care of all the little things that would otherwise fall between the cracks.  But did you know that Allison also offers trumpet and french horn lessons?Seattle Pacific University SPU

Allison has a limited schedule (but don’t worry there is still plenty of room) because she is graduating in a few weeks from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Trumpet Performance.  How cool is that?  Soon…. we will have to call her “Professor Allison.”  Teaching music has always been part of Allison’s plan.  As she puts it: “Teaching helps make the music better.  Part of being a musician is sharing what you have.”

Allison comes from a musically-inclined family in Portland.  Her father plays the guitar and her older sister plays the saxophone.  Allison didn’t think it was practical to make music her career so, instead, considered becoming a nurse.  But her father convinced her to reconsider.  Oh boy, are we glad he did!

Some of the best advice she’s received is “Go for it!  Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out all of the details.”  And the one thing she would tell students is to “work hard at music.  The better you are the more you will enjoy it.”  mahler 3rd symphony

One thing that you learn about Allison very quickly if you discuss music with her is that she LOVES playing with an ensemble.  In fact her favorite memory happened while playing Mahler’s 3rd Symphony with the SPU
orchestra.  She loves how the group played so well together and was really feeling the music.

Although Allison offers only trumpet and horn lessons through OTW, she can play the banjo, the Euphonium, and the piano, as well.

Here are Allison’s “2 Truths and A Lie” — can you guess which is the lie?

  • Allison really wants to like goat cheese, but just really doesn’t.
  • Allison has had all of her wisdom teeth pulled.
  • Allison has 7 roommates.


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