Cyndi Lauper Gay Pride Birthday

Pride Week #3: Happy Birthday Cyndi Lauper, gay icon

Two LGBT country music blogs in a row?  Who woulda thunk it possible?!  Perhaps only Cyndi Lauper could make this happen. 🙂

But in celebrating #PrideWeek and honoring Cyndi Lauper’s 63rd birthday today, we stumbled across the tidbit that her latest album, “Detour,” is a country release!  Whut?!?

While, Lauper isn’t gay, she has been an ardent fighter for gay rights.  She said that she became dedicated to the cause because her sister is gay, as well as are many friends.  In 2011, she started the True Colors Residence in New York City, which is housing for LGBT youth between the ages of 18 to 24.  She also started the Give a Damn Campaign in order to educate heterosexual people about the LGBT youth homeless problem.  And, in 2012, she was invited to be NYC’s Pride March grand marshal.

Impressive efforts!  Read more about Lauper’s latest album here.

We are writing features all week in celebration of #PrideWeek.  Did you catch our earlier pieces?

Meanwhile, why not enjoy Lauper’s beautiful son “True Colors,” a number one hit and Grammy Nominated number — also, and perhaps for obvious reasons, a standard in the gay community.  Enjoy!

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