Pride Week #5: Musical Moments that Supported LGBT

“Out” Magazine says that groundbreaking pioneers like David Bowie, the Village People, George Michael, Joan Jett, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury may have led the way for today’s young, openly gay musicians that now run the gamut from rappers and rockers to country and hop hop.

But what else happened in the music industry that helped the LGBT community?  Billboard Magazine has put together a pretty inspirational and inspiring list.  Enjoy!

Meanwhile, below, check out the Grammy night where our own Seattle boys, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis PLUS Madonna, serenade a mass wedding of gay and straight couples, officiated by Queen Latifah.   Star studded much?!?  The song?  “Same Love.”

We wrote #PrideWeek features for several days and there are more to come.   Please enjoy and share our other pieces!




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