Matt Williams

Staff Spotlight: Guitar and Ukulele Teacher Matt Williams

This month we want to shine the spotlight on Matt Williams, who has been teaching guitar and ukulele lessons with Off the Wall for three years — we still feel lucky to have him!

It is easy to see why Matt has become one of our most requested teachers when you meet him.  Matt has been playing guitar since he was 14 and started giving private lessons to other students while he was still in high school!  And, although he seems a little shy, people soon realize what a passion he has for music and helping students find their own unique musical gifts.matt williams john coltrane

There are many things to love about teaching but his favorite part is when he can see that his students start really getting into it and start asking him questions, showing their own interests and goals as musicians.


While Matt says one of his musical influences has always been jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane, perhaps the most important influence was that of his father.  Although he never played an instrument, Matt’s dad loved guitar and would take Matt to record stores and explore music (which Matt still does.)  And his mom was a school teacher.  Hmmm.  A dad with a love of music….a mom who is a teacher.  And Matt is a music teacher.  Seems like the two parents had the right kid!

Hear Matt Play!

Matt is plays in two bands: Spontaneous Rex, which he describes as “weird jazz;” and Rowe,  a rock group. His favorite memory is recording his own first album “Come at the King” with Spontaneous Rex (click on those links to listen to cuts from both bands!)


One piece of advice Matt would give to his students is to “Find what makes you unique as an artist and excel at that.”  Matt’s own gift?  He is versatile.  He listens to as much different music as possible and loves to improvise.

The best piece of advice Matt has received was to “Find a way to do what makes you happy.”  So, after trying some other jobs, Matt decided that music was really the thing that made him happiest.  We don’t know who gave Matt that advice, but we sure thank whomever it was!

Two Truths…and a Lie!

Can you figure it out?  Two of these things are true….one is a lie.  Which is which?

  1. Matt’s favorite food is Peanut Butter.
  2. Matt is left-handed.
  3. Matt was a house painter.

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