Spencer Acain Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Spencer, one of our FIRST students :)

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to one of Off The Wall’s first student’s, Spencer Acain.  Spencer took lessons at OTW for about 10 years . . since we first opened!  He recently focused on voice lessons, but he also plays piano and guitar.  We thought it was time that we do a “student spotlight” on him!

Spencer has grown so much musically (and vertically) during his time at OTW.  He says the Four Tops have always been one of his favorite bands because he just loves the classic unique sound of the group.  Some of his other favorite songs are “Gimme all your lovin” by ZZ Top and “Pride” by U2.  He enjoys the guitar and classic rock sound of those songs.

Spencer’s favorite thing about OTW is “the laid back and chill attitude of the school and how cool the teachers are”.  

Sadly, Spencer has taken his last lesson with OTW (for now anyway), because he is moving off to college in Colorado where he will be majoring in engineering physics.  His dream job is to run a Research & Development lab.  Spencer has always shown such dedication that we are sure he will attain anything he puts his mind to.  We wish him success in pursuing his dreams and hope he drops into the school whenever he is ever back in Seattle.

And here’s what two of his teachers have to say about Spencer:

From Josh Stewart:  “Spencer has the ability to apply himself to any endeavor. During the time we have worked on vocalize Spencer has improved his ear training and vocal range.

As a true bass he can really sing those low notes! And now together we have helped him to hear and sing into his higher register. Spencer is always focused and brings his love of music to every lesson.

He is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Physics world look out! Spencer is coming!”

From Chris Marx:  “Spencer has seen off the wall grow from the beginning and even helped us hammer some nails on the deck! It has been really cool to see him start his musical journey and then grow into a talented multi-instrumentalist. He has also grown to be REALLY tall!!! I think all of our teachers look up to him now! I can’t wait to hear some of the recordings he makes in college. It sounds like he is also going to tackle a new instrument, the saxophone! “

Good luck Spencer!  And, remember, once an OTW student, ALWAYS an OTW student!

And here’s some of the smooth sounds and smooth moves of the Four Tops.  Just for Spencer!

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