Melodicas Are Great For Summer Practice

Melodicas are the really fun portable air pianos that used to cost $50-$90 each.
Now they're available for as low as $19 on amazon!

We've purchased each of these at the school. Just ask one of our staff at the 1240 building to see a demo.
We started looking for something to help students practice while they were away from their pianos.
This is a super fun way to practice right hand melodies, busk or take to a friends house.
They're also super popular at camp.

The models below have different colors and sizes. Click the link to switch to the 32 or 37 key options.

Melodica Men Perform Star Wars

Here is a video of the melodica men on youtube performing the star wars greatest hits. Just let your teachers know if you'd like to learn any of these themes. We have charts for all of them!

Multi-Color Melodicas with Soft Case

37 Key Model with Hard Case