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Scott - 40 Year Old Beginning Piano Student


I am an adult beginning Piano student who found this Music School on the web. Due to the high quality of the training here, I choose to travel 80 miles round trip once a week to attend Piano lessons, even though I have options closer to home.

The school director, Chris Marx, delivered on his promise to ensure that lessons are customized to my particular musical level and interests. Having had no prior musical training, within 3 weeks I was reading piano music and playing songs which I have always wanted to learn. As a late starter I had doubted my ability to learn to play or learn to read music. Yet through my experiences here, my doubts quickly faded as I found myself sitting at the piano playing music while reading the sheet music.

The positive inspiration which the staff provides is truly awesome!

My experience at the Off The Wall School Of Music has been fantastic. Thank you for bringing this school to the Northwest.

Sharon G. - Parent


My daughter did rock band camp at Off the Wall this summer and had a blast!!!!

The teachers are really great, they know their instruments and taught the kids how to play as a group, and were super encouraging. (They also are willing to take a lot of abuse from a pack of 7-9 year old girls. Impressive.) My daughter came home wanting to practice more because she was having so much fun and wanted to be ready.

Kristina D. - Parent


This school has such a great group of instructors. My 8-year old son has been taking lessons now for a few months and we have had a great experience with the two instructors he has taken lessons with.

I am impressed at the positive reinforcement, the quick learning, and dedication on both the side of the instructors and my son 🙂 I truly see the instructors are interested in teaching music.

I highly recommend this school.

Rick L. - Parent of a Student


The instructors are great and the online scheduling options are very easy and convenient.

After one lesson my daughter said that she had learned more in one day than in the previous year with another instructor.

Check it out for a more casual music instruction option.

Rebecca R. - Parent


We absolutely love Off the Wall!

We have been so impressed with the approach, skill, and aptitude of the instructors here. Our daughter has been taking piano, guitar, and voice with them for a year and a half.

They've also been very helpful in developing her passion for composition and song writing!

Amy S. - Parent of a Student


My 11 year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Emily for a little over a year and she's really enjoying it. Emily really helps her stay engaged with letting her learn a variety of songs, and helps her when she's stuck on something without letting it reach a point where she gets discouraged.

The best part is that my daughter never dreads coming to her weekly lesson, or even practicing throughout the week. I wish they had lessons like this when I was learning an instrument, I might still be playing!

Jared R. - Parent


This is a great music school for kids. Low key, relaxed, and yet very professional.

I really liked that they were able and willing to transpose and arrange my four-year old's favorite pop song. He is so excited to learn how to play it. A huge step up in terms of maintaining child interest from "Row Row Your Boat".

This, coupled with a dedication to the basics, makes for a great early-childhood musical education.

Jennifer R. - Parent


We just moved to Seattle and were looking to get our girls into music. We didn't want a pretentious 'academy' where they would have to learn classical music and would likely be bored quickly.

I read all of the reviews and decided that Off the Wall was the right place for us. We had a free lesson and were really happy with the environment. These guys worked on their own house and put in 110% effort in getting the kids excited about music. They get to play songs they like and are getting the hang of it.

They just did a week at Rock Band Camp and they are creating their own band, complete with costumes, logo, and of course the name. We love it at Off the Wall and will probably try some new instruments in the fall.

Go book a free lesson!

Randy T. - Student

Went in yesterday for my free lesson...very impressed. What a great little place.

I really enjoyed the energy of the instructor, Josh, who really seems to love teaching music. I was amazed at the amount of information he could pack into 30 minutes, and felt really energized by both Josh's energy, and the new connections I made in that lesson.

The space is wonderful, with tons of great resources and a wide open room for lessons (rather than the typical cavernous hobbit hole of a room that musics lessons seem to typically be in. Great for kids and adults.

I'm looking forward to continuing lessons with Josh!

Ji S. - Parent


We love Off the Wall School of Music! My 9 year old has been taking piano lessons at this wonderful, little music school for over a year. She can already play both classical and contemporary pieces. She does both private lessons as well as jam with a band of her peers.

The teachers are "cool" and make it fun for my daughter. They are super encouraging. The online lesson appointment program they have is very easy to use and convenient. We are planning to have our younger daughter start violin at this school this fall as well.

Eric H. - Professional Musician


I play piano in a piano rock band around Seattle. I'm not the best at piano, but I am pretty good; had I started at Off the Wall as a child, I would be light years ahead of where I am now.

My lessons as a kid were essentially: learn to read sheet music, play scales, do exercises. All of that is valuable, but as a kid, it was boring, and it turned me off piano for several years. My teachers never showed me that piano could be fun.

Off the Wall School of Music does things much differently. They place important emphasis on having fun. There is no point in doing it if it's not enjoyable, and the other teachers know that. They combine music you like and want to be able to play, with effective teaching methods. They're patient, articulate, and have a solid teaching philosophy that keeps each student involved. Thus - and this is key - you really FEEL LIKE YOU'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE.

As a kid, I kept feeling like I was wasting my time, just learning piano because my parents said I had to. Had I been at Off the Wall instead, I imagine I would've loved it. Blues, pop, you name it, they can incorporate it into your lessons, and you will find yourself, or your kids, learning and having fun.

Jo D. - Parent


Highly recommend Off the Wall!

An incredible staff of caring, competent and fun teachers who really want to connect and make lessons fun and meaningful to their students.

My 3 children have taken voice from Sarah for over a year and we credit her all the time for the confidence they feel when they sing.

Parking is convenient and scheduling/rescheduling is an online breeze.

Wanda A. - Parent


My son has been taking piano with Jason for a few years now and loves it. The teachers connect well with kids, find the right music to motivate them, are patient and fun. The scheduling is particularly convenient - easy online access.

Jonathan C. - Piano Student


I've been taking piano here for about a year and I love it! My teacher is Jason, but I have met a lot of other great teachers when he needed a substitute.

At first I was super nervous, and now piano is one of the most fun things I do! I also really like it because you get to pick the songs you play. Everyone here is funny, nice and encouraging. I love doing recitals, no one cares if you mess up.

Also, I like the decorations in the waiting room!

This is an awesome place -- go Off the Wall!

Pesha N. - Parent


My son has been taking ukulele lessons at Off the Wall with Matt and he absolutely loves it!

I have found it difficult to find uke lessons around town and am so happy that we found Matt. He gets excited every week and loves to play at home.

Signing him up for his weekly lessons is convenient to do online and billing is easy as well. I can do all of it via my phone in a few minutes.

Highly recommend!