Equipment Donations

Equipment Donations | Off the Wall School of Music

Donation Inquiries

We welcome donation inquires for gently used pianos and other equipment

We review donation offers for the following items:


  • Upright pianos
  • Grand pianos
  • Keyboards
  • Guitars
  • Drum sets


Common brands we consider:

  • Young Chang
  • Yamaha
  • Steinway


  • Other instruments
  • School-related equipment to our school.
  • We also consider accepting piano benches, drum thrones and office chairs - these seem to break frequently with heavy use.


Common conditions of pianos needed:

  • Black shiny pianos are more preferred
  • Wood pianos in good condition.
  • Good keys
  • Pianos in good condition/gently used

If you have equipment to donate to us, please fill out the form below or text our office a photo. Our office will review your donation; if we're able to accept it, we'll contact you to coordinate delivering it to the school. You can usually expect a response within 2 weeks via text message.

For large instruments such as upright or grand pianos, we'll also pay to move it to our location.

Disclaimer:  We try to save as many pianos as we can from going to the dump. We end up repairing them and placing them with students or using them in our school or other schools in the Seattle area. So many people are moving lately, and many pianos are being given away. We have donation requests come in often sometimes 15 a week. It's hard as we realize many are attached to their pianos and want them to have a good home. Pianos do reach the end of their life span even if the keys are good condition, the hammers can need to be replaced on the inside even without playing. They wear out over time from the stress of the string tension. There are over 12,000 parts in a piano and it takes more time to repair than to build a new one.

Other recommendations for rehoming a piano:
We also would recommend a nursing home, Seattle Piano Recycling (they have a website) or posting it for free on Craigslist

Hill the piano mover is a great mover and can help take it to the dump if necessary. His number is 206-948-2351

We appreciate your kindness and generosity and hope we can help you find your equipment a new home.