Instrument & Equipment Recommendations and Rentals

Instrument & Equipment Recommendations - Off the Wall School of Music

Choosing the Right Gear

Need some help choosing the right instrument for your needs? Check out our recommendations for purchasing or renting gear.

Keyboard Recommendations

You don’t need anything super fancy to get started! It’s best to begin with a keyboard before investing in a traditional piano.

Recommended Brands

We prefer keyboards made by Yamaha, Casio, or Roland.

Details to Consider

You don’t need 88 keys; 60+ keys will work! However, if you’re spending more than $300, select an option with 88 keys. Make sure that the keys are weighted so it will feel more like a traditional piano.

Buying Locally in seattle

We love American Music in Fremont. They have an excellent keyboard selection and their staff is very knowledgeable.

Buying Online

The Yamaha P45B Digital Piano is a great keyboard that many adults choose to purchase instead of a wood piano.

The Casio LK175 61-Key Lighted Key Personal Keyboard is a great option for beginners as it provides visual feedback as you’re learning to play.

Guitar Recommendations

If you’d like to purchase a guitar, you can visit one of the following local shops to get some great advice from their experts:

For younger students, Taylor Guitars’ Baby Taylor is a good choice.

Music Stand Recommendations
Every musician, regardless of the instrument they play, needs a great music stand to hold their sheet music!

We recommend the Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand.

Instrument Rental

Renting from Off the Wall

We rent a variety of instruments to help you on your musical journey.

Keyboards & Pianos
  • 61-key keyboard: $15/month
  • 88-key keyboard: $40/month
  • Upright Pianos $30-60/month
  • Grand Pianos – Ask for a quote
  • Acoustic drum set: $30/month
  • Kid-sized acoustic drum set: $25/month
  • Electric drum set: $25/month
  • Acoustic for adults: $18/month
  • 3/4 Acoustic for kids: $15/month

Please contact us to learn more about availability, setup your monthly rental, and schedule a pick-up or delivery.


If you’d like to learn how to play on an upright or grand piano instead of a keyboard, you don’t have to purchase a piano outright.

Off the Wall offers upright piano rentals for as little as $30/month — and we even have a rent-to-own option.

Send us a text to try out some of the pianos!

Practice Room Rental

Piano & Drum rooms are available for rent when they are not in use for lessons. 

Renting from the Community

Here are the recommended companies who rent instruments that we don’t currently offer.

Brass & Woodwind Rental

If you’re brand new to brass or woodwind instruments, it does take a bit of time and patience to get the hang of them.

Instead of purchasing a new trumpet or saxophone, we suggest that you rent one first from local Wallingford shop Seattle Sound Repair.

We also have clean mouthpieces for the clarinet, trumpet, alto sax and tenor sax at the school; that way, you can try out your teacher’s instrument during your first lesson to determine if it’s the right one for you.

Violin Rental

Our violin teachers recommend the following businesses for renting a violin:

Piano Tuning

We recommend Hak Bo Lee – 206-226-4941.
Mention that you’re a student at Off the Wall!