All of Me – Jazz Piano Lesson and Backing Tracks

Jazz Piano Lesson - All of Me - Off the Wall School of Music

All of Me - Jazz Piano Solo Examples

This is a great jazz standard to begin playing intermediate changes and improvising. Watch the videos below for some new piano licks!

Jazz Piano Lesson Overview

The song All of Me goes through a variety of chord changes but mostly stays in the same key so you can use the same blues scale for improvising.

We've included some great examples to watch for some fresh solo ideas.

All of Me – Piano Transcription

This video has the beginning of the transcription written out. A really fun piano solo to listen to.

Live Solo – Overhead Camera

Here you can watch the same video with an over the shoulder view. This is helpful if you don't want to read the music as much.

Easier All of Me Solo

This guy has great glasses! His lesson is a little easier to follow as well.

Play Along Version

Once you've got the basic melody down, you can jam with this version. Make sure to practice with the play along video to practice your solo and keep track of the changes. Using a backing track like this is one of the best ways to get your time together so that you're not losing track of measures or chords.