Improvising a blues solo is like cooking a pizza

Add a little pizza to your solos!

This is a really fun way to look at improvising! Each of the notes in the scale is like a pizza ingredient. Some are really essential like the ROOT, 3rd, 5th... those might make up the bread, cheese and sauce of the pizza. Other notes like the b7, #4 might be a little more spicy like the onions, garlic or even the anchovis!!!

Be sure and watch the video and maybe even try to play along using some of the notes. How can you make a pizza taste good with only a few ingredients? How can you make a solo sound good with only a few of these notes? As a fun exercise, restrict yourself to soloing only using the 3rd and b7th. Then maybe try one of the other examples shown in the video.

We'll post a PDF with some of these solo examples as well, but for now just listen to all the SPICES in these solos and see if you like the sounds! This youtuber makes the solos sound good even though he is only using a 2-3 notes in a couple of his solos.

How would your solo taste?

If your solo was a pizza, what would it taste like?
Spicy or canadian bacon and pineapple...