Improvising on Piano with a C Minor Blues

Blues Piano

Blues Piano Lesson Overview

We've included a backing track and a PDF to read while you play along with the backing track.

Start with the Right Hand - Play the C Blues Scale:

If you just want to get started improvising right away, you should learn the C blues scale on the PDF handout. Then play along with the youtube backing track we've linked to.

Add the Chords in the left hand:

When you're feeling ready, try playing the chords in your left hand and keeping up with the music. If there are too many notes in the chord, then just play the roots or work with your teacher to figure out the right combination of notes for you.


C Blues Backing Track

Make sure that you play along with this track multiple times. When musicians start playing together in groups, one of the first problems they have is getting lost in the song. Using the backing track will help you keep track of where you are in the form of the blues and also give you a feel for your role in the band. You'll be working on your counting more, but also listening.

Try to memorize the chords in the song and hear where the song starts over at the top of the form. You'll notice the last 4 measures have faster chord changes than the first 4. That is a good cue for your ears to figure out where you are if you get lost.