Jazz Backing Tracks to Play Along with

Approved Jazz Backing Tracks for All Instruments

It's really important to play along with other musicians, but early on it's hard to find the right people to play with. We've colleced a huge list of backing tracks to play along with. These are recordings of bands that are missing key parts like the melody and solos that you can play with and practice improvising.

We've included a mix of blues and jazz standards as well as backing tracks over one chord.
If you find a good track you enjoy practicing with on youtube, please send us a link!!!

Drum Beats to use as backing Tracks

We've included a list of drum beats to play along with below. Drum beats are much more fun that using a metronome to make sure you're staying steady. If you like the tracks below, you really might like the app - DRUMBEATS+ on the iOS store.