Jazz Piano Playlist – The Standards – Suggested Listening

Here is a list of jazz songs that we suggest students listen to.

Many of these are in the top 100 standards or common repertoire that musicians learn so they can play with one another easily.

Even if a student is just starting out their musical journey, they should begin listening to music they'll be learning as soon as possible.

By listening early on (as early as possible), the students become familiar with the rhythm and sound of these songs and feel more connected to learning the pieces that come up.

We've made beginning arrangements for piano and other instruments for most of these jazz standards to help students play together.

Save the Playlist to your Spotify App:

Be sure and click the link to save this playlist into your Spotify app. If you don't have the app, it will block you. So do a google search for it and download it because its free! You can listen to all these tracks with a few commercials here and there.

Spotify Jazz Piano Playlist: